Our Family

We are Chris and Mary MaloneBlake, Hannah, Bethany, Seth, Matthew, Micah, Eli, Ethan & Eliana are our amazing kids.
Since 2001, Chris and Mary have been active in ministering in Ukraine through Ukraine Ministries of Oklahoma.  We began our ministry in the local churches and in leadership training for pastors, church leadership and wives of ministers and leaders.  Through these years, God opened our hearts to the country and to the people of the country,  On my (Chris) first trip to Ukraine, I remember vividly sitting on a sofa before we left to go to the airport to return to the USA.  I was crying.  I was unsure why exactly, but I knew that God had broken my heart for the country of Ukraine and its beautiful people.  I didn’t know then that we would move here with our nine children, but God began that work in our hearts at that moment.

In 2005, God called us clearly to plant our lives here and we began a journey of faith that came to fullness in 2011.  We are currently making plans to move just outside of Kiev in January/February of 2012.

Part of the journey was our adoption of 4 special needs children from Ukraine (two in 2009, 1 in 2010, and 1 in 2011).  All four of these precious treasures have Down syndrome.  Our fifth biological child has Down syndrome, as well.

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