Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.  - William Carey

The Malones in Ukraine

The Malone family began serving full-time in near Kyiv in Ukraine in February 2012. It is our joy to partner with families with family members who have disabilities of all kinds. God has used our own children with Down syndrome to open doors here in our community that would ordinarily remain closed to "outsiders". Thanks for joining us on the journey!

Latest news from the Malone family


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Make a short or long-term trip to serve in Ukraine

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Latest news from the Malone family

What a summer!

The Summer has flown by. I remember thinking at the end of May what a long Summer it would be – because we would be so busy. I look back at it and think – what a short Summer this was! Short or long – it was an AWESOME summer! We made so many new …

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JBU’s Cathedral Choir Tour of Northern Ireland

Before camp, I had the opportunity to visit and sing in Northern Ireland with JBU’s Cathedral Choir. This song was one of my absolute favorites. The lyrics are so powerful and full of truth and life. Please take a moment to listen to it! The video has footage from a few of the places we went …

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Get Real

Life with lots of kids can be hard. Life with a child with Down syndrome can be hard. Life with five kids with Down syndrome can be downright suffocating. This isn’t a pity party. And there’s no need for anyone to say, “You brought it on yourselves,” or, “You should have thought about that before …

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Mission Trip: Krivoy Rog

This past week, Seth and I were able to travel to a place in Ukraine called Krivoy Rog for a mission trip through our school. Krivoy Rog is a city that is south of Kyiv and took us about six hours by train to get down there. Our team consisted of me, Seth, a fellow …

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This is Us

It’s been an eventful several weeks. One significant happening is that we celebrated the 8th anniversary of bringing Matthew and Micah out of their orphanage and mental institution. If I said that a lot has happened in the last eight years, that would be a gross understatement.
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