Ethan Update – Sunday, February 1

Where things stand today

Yesterday, all signs pointed toward a fast recovery.  No fever for well over 24 hours.  He was very active and acting like his old self.  He was even to the point of cabin fever and pure boredom.  All indicators that he was feeling better.

However, last night his fever returned to it’s previous level of around 104 degrees.  That meant that the infection was not, in fact over.

This morning, they did another blood analysis and discovered that his white blood cell count was still very high (that means the body is fighting infection).  I believe that I understood that it was the type of white blood cells that fight bacteria, not virus.

They called in the pulmonologist who has been attending him since Friday and we went downstairs for a chest xray.   Unfortunately, we now know that the pneumonia in his right lung has gotten worse and he has abscesses (small) in that lung.

Here’s the current plan:  At four this afternoon, Ethan will undergo a short surgical procedure to remove the fluid from the lung.  He will be under a light general anaesthetic that will cause him to sleep and they will do a local anaesthetic.  It will be a relatively short time under thankfully.  Following this, they will see what they need to do about changing his medication to better and more effectively treat this.

Tomorrow, the plan is to do a bronchial endoscopy in order to remove/treat the abscesses. I won’t lie – this is scary for us.  In the USA, when Eli was sick with pneumonia, they felt that in the event an endoscopy was called for, they would not do it because of Down syndrome and the way the passageways are a bit different.  They said it was a last resort due to the very high risk.  We pray that God will heal these abscesses supernaturally.

Much for which to give thanksgiving

We are very blessed to have the head of pulmonology in all of Kyiv and said even to be one of the best (or best) in Ukraine.  We are in a western style hospital in a private room.  It is not cheap, and the surgeries will be expensive, but thus far, God is providing the money for it.  That’s huge!

Some specific prayer requests:

Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

  • Supernatural healing of Ethan’s lungs and surrounding tissue
  • The skill of the doctor
  • Fear in our hearts – God desires us to trust Him.  We do – but may God help our unbelief.
  • For our other kids.  Eli and Seth are still sick
  • Lyuda is still quite sick
  • The language barrier, especially considering medical terms, is quite wide here.  So far, we are understanding and our doctor tries to speak English as much as he can.  Please pray for continued understanding – even supernatural.

There are surely things that I have left out, but we are running on adrenaline here and aren’t thinking completely clearly.

We covet your prayers.  They make a difference.

Though we have responded to almost no comments, we appreciate them and read everyone.  They are a great encouragement to us.  If God lays certain Scripture on your hearts concerning this situation, please share those also.

Blessed be the Name of our Great God.

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  1. May God bless and keep you. May God make His face to shine upon you and give you peace. May He heal, guide and protect. Blessings

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