Big day in Kiev today!

Last night, we got the call we had been waiting for.  We were told to appear at the office that handles Permanent Residency documentation this morning to receive our documents.  We had just been there on Tuesday (3 days ago) because we thought we were going to get the documents then.   But what they really wanted was a couple of more documents and for some fees to be paid.  We were pretty disappointed.   We were there FOREVER…waiting…waiting…waiting…  with a ton of other people.

They told us on Tuesday that perhaps it would be ready on Friday.   We held that very lightly… because we have gotten excited several times and then — no documents.  But we got the call last night and headed off early this morning (7:30) for the city.   Tuesday when we were there, there was driving snow and strong wind.  Yesterday, bright and sunny weather.   Today?   Huge snow storm, terrible wind, below freezing again…  But it didn’t dull our spirits!!

We were there for about 30 minutes today and left with our permanent residency documents.  



(Hopefully I won’t get in some kind of trouble posting this picture…)

So this NEVER EXPIRES.  We will never have to have another visa, or any kind of other document to live here.   We can live here for the rest of our lives with no problems!  These are for Chris and Mary and Hannah (she’s over 16).  As they other kids turn 16, they will get their own booklet.  Right now the other kids (American) are in Mary’s booklet.

What does this do for us?
We can come and go as many times and whenever we want.  We can have banking privileges.  We don’t have to have any kind of special documentation.   Typically, people can live here 90 days and then be gone 90 days (2 times per year).  Or they can get visa’s that require them to leave the country every so many months.  Or temporary residency that has to be renewed every year (and can be renewed 2 times before the entire process has to start from scratch…with a new visa).  

Also…should the country close to “religious” work… we will be able to remain here because of our status.  

To show how big our God is…  this process usually takes people 8-9 months.   It took us 4 months.  Pretty cool, huh?

We are so thankful to God for doing this for us in the way He has done it.  It could have only been Him!

Because some of our friends/family/readers have asked us when we will be moving back the USA…
We realize that you are reading this and thinking…  “They aren’t planning to move back to the USA ever.”
Our response to that is the same as always.   We are here for as long as the Lord wants us to be here.   Just like we would be anywhere else.   But yes, we are not planning to move back to the USA.   We are planting our lives here and investing ourselves in the lives of others here — that process on it’s own takes years.  We are continuing to follow Him as best we can.

Thank you for your prayers!  

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!!!

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Chris Malone

It is a joy to serve our Lord with the bride of my youth, Mary, and our children. Our nine kids are not all living at home anymore. One has already completed university and has started her career. One is finishing his master's degree and will start his career soon. One is completing her freshman year at university. That leaves six at home. One of those completes high school this year. Amazing since Mary and I are only 30 years old (at least in our minds).
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