Weekend in Kyiv

Out and about in Kyiv with a beautiful woman.

An unusual sighting — we found hot chocolate WITH MARSHMALLOWS!  

Mary and I got to spend the weekend in Kyiv from Friday evening through Sunday at lunchtime.   Without kids.  Just the TWO of us.  We stayed in a hotel on Kreshchatyk and just had some down time.  We try to get some away time every now and again for an evening, but being away from home and the constant responsibility for 48 hours was so refreshing.  We didn’t have a strict schedule.  We went to bed and got up when WE wanted to.  We ate meals when WE wanted to.  It was great.

Not only did we just get to hang around Kyiv and see some sites, we had a chance to have some good, personal talks without interruptions.  Praise God for the opportunity.  

Don’t get me wrong, we love our kids, and we love the responsibilities in our lives – but the break was great.   November 12th, our friend Jamie is heading to the States for a few months.  Additionally, our right-arm (Katie) is also leaving for home.  So we wanted some quiet, together time before we are by ourselves again.  And before the winter sets in in earnest. 

We’re thankful for the opportunity we had and cherish the special moments of the weekend.

A Big Need…

We fully believe that God has someone to take Katie’s place for at least the next three months.  If that’s you or maybe you know who it might be, please pray and contact us.  We know that God led us down this path of having an “intern” living with us and we have seen such a remarkable difference in our little’s development.  Thank you for your prayerful consideration!


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Chris Malone

It is a joy to serve our Lord with the bride of my youth, Mary, and our children. Our nine kids are not all living at home anymore. One has already completed university and has started her career. One is finishing his master's degree and will start his career soon. One is completing her freshman year at university. That leaves six at home. One of those completes high school this year. Amazing since Mary and I are only 30 years old (at least in our minds).
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