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What to pray when you don’t know what to pray

There are times when I just don’t know what to say to God (and I’m usually afraid to just sit there and listen…).  A dear friend in the USA sent me an article to read about a song writer’s reasons for writing a song.  Matt Redman was talking about how he sometimes cries out to God through music when he doesn’t know what to say.

From the article, he says this…

…in Eugene Peterson’s book, Under the Unpredictable Plant. He writes that when Jonah is in the belly of the fish he pours out a prayer of great passion but notes that not one phrase in the prayer is original—it all comes from the Psalms. In fact, it comes not just from one psalm, but many different psalms. So he’s not just reciting a piece of Scripture in that moment. He’s pouring out his heart, and many different phrases from the Psalms are being woven together into his prayer. The point is, Jonah is in an intense situation, and what pours out of him is utterly heartfelt, and yet also utterly full of the Word of God.

(you can read the full article here… )

Here’s a place to start…  Psalm 118  —  Click here to read it now.   Take a few moments and pray these things as a prayer of thanks to God.

Blessing the name of the Lord.

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